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The monster debuted in NWA promotions throughout the United States. He went onto TNA originally as Justice which was a failed gimmick. He returned later that year as Kid Kash's monster body guard Abyss. Since then, the monster has wreaked havoc throughout TNA and now ECW.

Career Achievements: Fight for the Right 06, ROH Trios Tournament Winner, NWA Tag Team Champion, and NWA World Champion.

AJ Styles

AJ is a high flying wrestling competitor who has competed in NWA Wildside, World Championship Wrestling, World Wrestling Entertainment, Ring of Honor, and Total Nonstop Action. He has had headlining feuds with Jeff Jarret and Abyss.

Career Achievments: ROH Pure Champion, ROH Tag Team Champion, NWA Tag Team Champion (4), NWA World Champion (3), TNA X Division Champion (6), TNA Tag Team Champion, and XWE X Division Champion.

Balls Mahoney

Balls Mahoney debuted in Smokey Mountain wrestling and then WWE. He didn't really make his mark until reaching the original ECW where he had succes in the tag division along with Spike Dudley and Masato Tatanka. Balls recently returned to the redeveloped ECW barnd of the WWE.

Career Achievements: ECW Tag Team Champion (3)

Big Daddy V

Big Daddy V has been competing in the WWE since 1993. V was originally packaged as Mabel a giant unbeatable monster. He returned later as Viscera where he joined Undertaker's Ministry. After that stint, he became the world's largest love machine, and now the world's fattest most useless wrestler on ECW.

Career Achievements: WWF Hardcore Champion, WWF Tag Team Champion, and WWF King of the Ring 1995.

The Boogeyman

The Creepy Crawler originally tried out for Tough Enough but was disqualified due to his age. The Boogeyman has entertained and scared fans for almost two years now. His worms send goosebumps down people's back as he continues to haunt the ECW locker room.

Career Achievements: 2006 Rookie of the Year


Bubba Ray Dudley

Bubba has competed in ECW, WWE, and TNA where he has made his mark as a legend of the tag division along with his half brother D-Von. Bubba is the most decorated tag champ in history.

Career Achievements: ECW Tag Champion (8), WWE Tag Champs (9), WWF Hardcore Champion (10) WCW Tag Champ, NWA Tag Champ, and TNA Tag Champ.

Christopher Daniels

Daniels is a high flying superstar who has competed in TNA and ROH. In ROH, he is considered a founding father of the company and formed a succesful stable called the prophecy. He then went on to TNA to compete in the amazing X Division and Tag Title Division.

Career Achievements: ROH Tag Team Champion (2), NWA World Tag Team Champion (6), and TNA X Division Champion (3)

CM Punk

Punk is a young talent in XWE who has a bright future with an already lorious past. He has competed in ROH where he is considered a legend, OVW a WWE farm programn and finally WWE where he landed on the new ECW brand and headlines it.

Career Achievements: OVW Heavyweight Champion, OVW Southern Tag Team Champion, OVW Television Champion, OVW Triple Crown Champion, ROH Tag Team Champion (2), ROH World Champion, WWE's ECW Champion, and XWE's ECW Champion.

D-Von Dudley

D-Von has competed along side his half brother from Dudeyville Bubba. The two are the most decorated tag champs in history and have competed in WWF/E, ECW, and TNA. He is usually known as half of the table lovin' tag team but had a failed gimmck in which D-Von was Vince McMahon's spiritual guider.

Career Achievements: WWF/E Tag Champion (9), WCW Tag Team Champion, ECW Tag Team Champion (10), NWA Tag Team Champion, and TNA Tag Team Champion.

Elijah Burke

Burke started in WWE's farm program OVW. He then moved up to the Smackdown! roster where he mentored monster Sylvestar Terkay until his release. Elijah was then moved to ECW where he formed the highly succesful New Breed who battled with the ECW originals. After the death of the new breed, Burke began to be thrusted into the ECW world title picture.

 Career Achievements: OVW Heavyweight Champion 

Joey Styles

Styles has been the ECW announcer since the birth of the company. Sometimes known as the voice of extreme he has coined phrases such as, "Oh my God!!!!!!" and, "Catfight... Catfight!!!!!!!!!!!." Styles temporarily replaced JR on Raw until returning to the rebirthed ECW alongside his partner Tazz.

Career Achievements: 1994-1996 Announcer of the Year

John Morrison

Morrison started off in a tag team with Joey Mercury known as MNM on the Smackdown! brand. He was then moved to Raw where he had midcard success. Finally, he went to ECW where he captured the big one and changed his name.

 Career Achievements: OVW Southern Tag Team Champion, Tough Enough 3 Winner, WWE Tag Team Champion (4), WWE Intercontinental Champion (2), and WWE's ECW Champion. 

Judas Mesias

Mesias has competed in companies all over the globe including AAA, WSX, and TNA. In WSX, he was involved in a controversial angle with Vampiro in which he threw a fireball at Vampiro leading to the eventual cancellation of the show. In TNA, he feuded with Abyss losing to him in the second ever Barbed Wire Massacre Match.

Career Achievements: AAA World Heavyweight Champion, WSX World Champion, GPCW Super X Monster Champion, and IWC World Champion.

Matt Striker

Matt Striker is a former teacher who lost his job by taking time off to wrestle. Striker debuted in a loss to Kurt Angle and was featured in a very controversial Byte This! about Ultimate Warrior. He competed on the Raw brand with a teacher gimmick, and was moved to ECW to manage Big Daddy V.

Career Achievements:  

Mick Foley

Foley is a hardcore legend who has competed in numerous companies racking up quite a resigme. Foley is known for his hardcore bouts with guys such as Triple H, Vader, Raven, Tommy Dreamer, Sting, The Rock, Stone Cold Steve Austin, Shawn Michaels, Edge, Terry Funk, Randy Orton, and his greatest match the Hell in a Cell with The Undertaker. He is also known for his multiple personalities that include Cactus Jack, Dude Love, Mankind, and the regular Mick Foley.

Career Achievements: ECW Tag Team Champion (2), WCW Tag Team Champion, WWF Tag Team Champion (8), WWF Hardcore Champion (1st ever), and WWF Champion (3).

Mike Knox

Mike started his career in WWE's farm program Deep South Wrestling before being moved up to the ECW brand to team with Test and have an online relationship with Kelly Kelly. Knox has disappeared after his tag run.

Career Achievements: DSW Tag Team Champion

Necro Butcher

Necro Butcher is a famous hardcore competitor in the indies. He has competed in grueling hardcore matches such as no rope light tubes match. He is also known for his hard brawling skills in which he used in two fantastic 60 minute long matches with Samoa Joe.

Career Achievements: CZW Tag Team Champion (4), CZW Underground Champion, CZW Tournament Death of 4 Winner,NWA Hardcore Champion (4), and JCW World Tag Team Champion.


Nunzio is best known as the little man of the F.B.I. or Full Blooded Italians. The F.B.I. was originally established in ECW and revived in Smackdown! He currently competes as a jobber in the revived ECW.

Career Achievements: ECW Tag Team Champion (2) and WWE Cruiserweight Champion (2).  

Paul Heyman

Heyman is best known as the original creator of Extreme Championship Wrestling. When the company was bought out by WWE, he took a temporary announcing job during the invasion storyline. He became Brock Lesnar's manager leading him to the WWE title but screwed him twice with Big Show and Kurt Angle also leading them to the title. Heyman became manager of the revived ECW brand until going into film. Heyman is the current XWE ECW general manager.

Career Acheivements: ECW General Manager (3)


Sabu has been labeled as the most extreme wrestler around and lives up to his nickname. He is undefeated in Barbed Wire Masscares defeating both, "The Legend" Terry Funk anf "The Monster" Abyss. Sabu is known for his use of tables, chairs, and high flying antics to entertain his hardcore fans.

Career Achievements: ECW FTW World Champion, ECW Champion (2), ECW Tag Team Champion (3), ECW Television Champion, JTW Champion, and XWE Extreme Tag Team Champion.

Shelton Benjamin

Benjamin was brought into WWE as one half on Team Angle along with Charlie Haas. After quick success, the two spilt from Angle and renamed themselves "The World's Greatest Tag Team." Benjamin was moved to Raw where he had mid card success until Haas returned, and the two returned to the tag division. Benjamin was then moved to WWE's ECW brand.

Career Achievements: OVW Southern Tag Champion (4), WWE Tag Team Champion (2), and WWE Intercontinental Champion (3).

Stevie Richards

Stevie debuted in WWE with a stupid gimmick until going to ECW as a mid carder. He brought Raven to ECW before returning to WWE to compete in the hardcore division. He then became Victoria's whipping boy until joining the redebuting ECW brand.

Career Achievements: ECW Tag Team Champion (2) and WWF Hardcore Champion (22)


Raven started in WCW as Scotty Flamingo and then went to WWE as Johnny Polo. After two failing gimmicks, he headed to ECW where he debuted as Stevie Richard's man. Raven found his true wrestling personna and put on some amazing hardcore brawls in ECW. After the close of the compnay he returned WWE for a short stint before heading to TNA where he had major success.

Career Achievements: ECW World Tag Team Champion (4), ECW Champion (2), NWA World Champion, WCW Light Heavyweight Champion, WCW Tag Team Champion, WCW United States Champion, WWF/E Hardcore Champion (27), and XWE Hardcore Champion.


Rhyno debuted in ECW as a monster heel. He ended RVD's record setting TV title run and captured the ECW title quickly. He then went to WWF/E as an assistant to Edge & Christian and joined in on the invasion storyline after returning from an injury. Rhyno returned to WWE programming chasing the US and Tag Titles before heading to TNA where he was finally utilized properly.

Career Achievements: ECW Television Champ (2), ECW Champion, WCW United States Champion, WWF Hardcore Champion (3), and NWA

Rob Van Dam

RVD debuted in ECW as a heel but quickly gained the fans respect. He became the longest reigning ECW TV Champion history. RVD came to WWE unwillingly as part of the invasion storyline. During this, he captured several mid card titles until the death of ECW. RVD then staye in the intercontinental and world title pictures for the good part of his career. Upon the rebirth of ECW, RVD captured both the returning ECW title and the WWE Title. RVD left WWE in July of 2007.

Career Achievements: ECW Tag Team Champion (2), ECW Television Chammpion, 06 Money in the Bank winner, WWE Tag Team Champions (3), WWE Intercontinental Champion (6), WWF Hardcore Champion (4), WWE European Champion, WWE Champion, WWE's ECW Champion, and XWE Xtreme Tag Team Champion.


Tazz debuted in ECW as one half of the tag team the Tazmaniacs. He was injured during a tag match and returned as a more physical singles competitor. Tazz began to enjoy singles succes until leaving for WWE where he was used as a wrestler for a short period of time. He became a trainer for Tough Enough, and an announcer for Smackdon! When ECW returned as WWE's third brand, he became the announcer. Tazz joined XWE originally as announcer alongside his partner Joey Styles but has also taken a role in the ring.

Career Achievements: ECW FTW Champion (2), ECW Television Champion (2), ECW Champion (2), ECW Tag Team Champion (3), WWF Hardcore Champion (3), WWF Tag Team Champion, and XWE ECW Champion.

The Miz

The Miz debuted on Smackdown! as a host for the diva search after winning Tough Enough. The Miz had a short undefeated streak before being moved to ECW where he had a short run at the ECW title. He eventually was able to win gold.

Career Achievements: DSW Heavyweight Champion, OVW Southern Tag Team Champion, and WWE Tag Team Champion

Tommy Dreamer

Dreamer debuted in ECW in a huge feud against Sandman. After the long hardcore feud, he feuded with Raven which lead to a great tag match between Tommy Dreamer & Terry Funk vs Raven & Mick Foley. After success in ECW, Dreamer went to WWE being involved in the invasion storyline. Dreamer returned to WWE television at the revival of the ECW brand.

Career Achievements: ECW Champion, ECW Tag Team Champion (3), and WWF/E Hardcore Champion (14)


Vampiro has competed in numerous federations such as WCW, WSX, and AAA where he is considered a legend. Vampiro had a high profile feud with Sting that involved the first ever human torch match. Vampiro became the first ever WSX champion after beatin 6-pac in an exploding coffin match. An incident between Vampiro and Judas Mesias led to the folding of WSX. Vampiro was part owner and writer for WSX.

Career Achievements: WCW Tag Team Champion and WSX World Champion.